New Boiler Installation for Edmonton Homes and Businesses

Canadian winters can be harsh, leaving families to rely on effective indoor heating solutions to handle the extreme cold conditions of the season. Boilers are critical parts of these solutions, heating and distributing the water to each room, thus keeping your home warm and comfortable. If you’re looking for high-quality boilers in Edmonton, Modern Power Vac is ready to assist with a comprehensive selection of products, including air conditioning and cooling options.

Choosing the Right Boiler System

Before installing a new boiler system, we will help you consider several important factors to ensure you are choosing the appropriate system, including: 

  • Size
    This is an important consideration, so make sure you determine the ideal size of your device by measuring the area in which it will be placed. There are many different boiler options to accommodate diverse needs, such as liquid petroleum gas boilers. These take up less space and are therefore more convenient for homes with a limited area.

  • Efficiency
    Approximately 60 per cent of CO2 emissions from households using gas heating come from the boiler unit. When purchasing a new system, ensure that the appliance is energy efficient in order to reduce these emissions, thereby saving on energy bills.  

  • Fuel
    There are systems which use gas, oil, wood, or LPG as a fuel source, with each having its own benefits and drawbacks. While wood burning can be convenient, if the material is in short supply, it can also be an expensive fuel to source. Modern developments have provided many alternatives, such as LPG, a fuel which is more efficient than gas or oil.

  • Requirements for Venting
    It is essential to look at the ventilation needs of the boiler system. Some devices have a chimney setup, while others need to push used air through a wall opening. Ensure that your household can accommodate the output requirements of the boiler being purchased.

Advantages of Installing a Boiler

Boiler-operated heating offers a number of benefits, from economical to environmental. Among the many helpful aspects are:

  • Energy Efficiency
    Water is a medium capable of holding heat for significant periods of time. Thanks to the natural properties of water, boilers heat the home evenly by transferring thermal energy between solid objects.

  • Increased Property Value
    If you are considering selling your home, or simply looking to increase overall value of the property, having a new boiler unit is a helpful feature. An attractive addition to prospective buyers, boiler systems improves efficiency and keeps the home’s utilities current.

  • Financial Savings
    By introducing boiler-operated heating to your home, you can reduce energy bills over the long-term. This efficient method of heat distribution lessens both household cost, and environmental impact.

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